Ridge weathervanes

In the Ridge Weathervanes category, you can find a beautiful collection of ridge tile fittings with weathervanes mounted on top. These one of a kind ridge weathervanes make it easy to put these weathervanes on the roof, installation of the ridge fitting in the traditional way with mortar installs them in place on the roof.

They add a touch of architectural detail to any building. Weathervanes show which way the wind is blowing. As the wind blows, the weathervane figure spins gracefully, showing where the breeze is coming from. This interactive feature not only adds charm and personality to the rooftop, but it also helps people keep an eye on the weather and wind direction. Whether it's a traditional rooster, a grand sailboat, or an ornate arrow, the weathervane figure on top of the ridge is a captivating focal point that draws people's attention. Besides being useful, ridge weathervanes are a great way to make a building or home look better as a whole. These are products that combine form and function in a way that makes a lasting impression on any building.

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