Owl weathervane supplied on a half round roof tile

Owl weathervane supplied on a half round roof tileClick the image to enlarge
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  • Description

    This steel owl weathervane comes with a half-round roof tile and is used as a steel weathervane. It's a unique and eye-catching way to finish off the roof. The weathervane works perfectly, and the owl turns in the direction of the wind to show which way the wind is coming from. The standard colour for the ridge tile fitting is terracotta, but we also have it in other colours and finishes.

    The weathervane is 30.5 inches (76 cm) tall as a whole. The half-round base of the ridge is 10 inches (24 cm) wide, 12 inches (30 cm) long, and 8 inches (20.5 cm) high.

    Instead of using a bracket to put up the weathervane, why not try something else?

    When installing a weathervane with a bracket, there may be concerns about drilling holes and attaching brackets to the roof or inside the roof space, which could make it less effective at keeping rainwater out. This owl weathervane is easy to put up because using mortar, the fitting (half round roof tile) is easy to put on the roof, so the job is easy and doesn't take much time. The weathervane also has a metal strap that can be used as an optional mechanical fix. This strap is strong and flexible, it can be uncoiled and cut it to the size you want. It has a number of holes that let it be screwed, nailed, or otherwise securely attached to a part of the roof. Installers can hide the metal strap when they use traditional mortar to install the ridge base. This gives stability and peace of mind. The metal strap is an extra feature that makes sure the ridge is installed securely.

    Customers can put these owl ridge weathervanes on gable ends, hip ends, houses, cottages, sheds, workshops, and summer houses, among other roof types. Also, they are versatile enough that they can be used as decorations in the garden. They are a great way to make the roof look better by adding intricate details and a unique feature.

  • How to fit and install

    There are several ways to install roof finials, as outlined below:

    Traditional mortar bedding:

    Roof finials can be installed following the same method used for ridge tiles, utilising standard mortar bedding. In cases where the finial is tall or heavy, or if enhanced stability is desired, an additional mechanical fix method can be employed alongside the mortar bed installation.

    Mechanical fixing strap and mortar bedding:

    For this type of install, a galvanized metal strap is included, discreetly fastened to the underside of the finial ridge base during manufacturing. This durable and flexible metal strap can be adjusted in length by cutting it down to size. Featuring a series of holes, the strap can be screwed, nailed, or embedded in mortar to anchor it to a section of the roof structure. After securing the metal strap, installers can conceal it from sight by applying traditional mortar bed. The mortar used to join the finial with adjacent ridge tiles effectively conceals the strap, resulting in a seamless and neat appearance.

    Dry fixing:

    Another approach to affixing finials to the roof involves the dry fixing method. This technique involves using a specific manufacturer's dry fixing system, typically incorporating brackets or alternative mechanical fasteners to attach ridge tiles and finials to the roof without the use of mortar. If you are considering a dry fix ridge system, please get in touch with us to determine if this finial design can be adapted to be compatible with your chosen system.

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  • Product Performance & Quality

    The ridge tile is British Kitemarked, which is a certified industry standard for quality. All products are made in accordance with British Standard versions (BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004). The ridge fitting is made from a concrete based mix reinforced with small fiberglass strands and additives, with several top coats applied to give its final appearance. The colour of the finial runs all the way through the piece resulting in a strong and long lasting product