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Update 31/07/22: We are currently making all pieces to order as we have no stocked items, please allow approx. 3-6 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order

Finial colour matching
We can produce custom coloured roof finials in addition to our standard colour range for customers. The finials can be coloured to the customers requirements to suit a range of different coloured samples and specifications

Below shows some of the available options:

Antique_TerracottaAntique Terracotta (Finials come in this colour by default)

All finials are finished in antique terracotta by default. The colour suits most terracotta roofs, it features a stained antique effect which gives it a lovely aged appearance


This colour is offered as an alternative standard colour option. It comes in matt finish but we can also offer the colour in satin finish which gives the colour a sheen

Slate_GreySlate Grey

Slate grey is offered as another standard colour option. The slate grey colour is a mid grey colour which is perfect for slate roofs and grey coloured roof tiles and fittings

colour_matchingColour matching is from £15 extra per finial

Bespoke roof finials can be produced in just about any colour imaginable with amazing results. Colour matching works best when customers send us their tile sample to our finial workshop. We then colour match finials directly to the sample

If you don't have a tile sample...

Unfortunately we no longer colour match to photos because often the lighting conditions or screen setup when we view the colour distorts the real physical colour or effect of the colour. If a tile sample isn't available we can produce generic colours which may be more in keeping than our standard offering

We colour and texture match to all roof tile manufacturers roofing products

You can order colour matching via the website or we can send you an invoice via email

To send us a tile sample please contact us and we will provide our finial workshop address to send tile samples to us direct


To view colour matches that we have done to manufacturer's tiles click here