What are roof finials?

Roof finials are decorative ridge tiles that typically emphasize the apex of a gable roof or other part of the roof structure. They are used for decoration or adding an architectural feature, and they can be used for all manner of other applications. Sometimes roof finials are even used in the garden and for other ornamental purposes.

Roof finials are typically cast and finished in a terracotta clay, terracotta concrete, or terracotta stone and are fitted onto a prominent place on the roof to create a roof feature. They come in various colours, shapes, sizes, and designs, but are mostly in the form of half round ridge or angled ridge tile designs.

Do the roof finials have to be professionally installed?

No, not necessarily, roof finials can be fitted by anyone; however, it is wise to get the job done by a professional that has all of the tools, safety equipment, and knowledge required to select the correct fitting and safely install the roof finial. For existing roofs, a ridge tile(s) is typically removed, and finials are fitted in place using mortar or a combination of mortar and mechanical fitting.

What are the roof finials made of?

The finials are made from a strong, durable, weather resistant concrete mix that is reinforced with fibers and additives. The exact mix has been perfected after much testing and is regarded as a quality, affordable alternative to buying a clay roof finial. All roof finials are made in accordance with the BS EN 490:2004 and BS EN 491:2004 standards.

What colours are available?

All finials are finished in an aged terracotta colour by default; however, if you need a particular colour finish, it is possible to finish the finials in just about any colour of your choice. If you need a colour other than terracotta, we would advise you to send a sample of the colour via post so that we can colour match it to your sample, producing a very good colour matching piece.

Can you make a mold of a finial because mine is broken or I cannot source them anywhere?

In most cases, it is possible. We will often ask you for pictures and measurements of your original piece and provide you with a free, no obligation quote based on the information. We can currently only produce replicas when customers can send or deliver the original piece to the workshop, so there is an original to work from. The original piece can often be repaired and fully restored so that a good mold can be produced and very good quality replicas reproduced. Replica finials are cast from the mold, and they can be colour matched to match the original. In some cases, we can return the repaired original finial to you complete with the custom mold.

How do I buy roof finials?

The quickest way to place an order and buy roof finials is securely via the online shop on this website. In addition, we can also send you an email with an itemised invoice that contains a payment link that takes you to our secure payment handler (PayPal) to order any of the products. We also accept BACS payments, which can be paid via your online banking system (we can email an invoice and further information). We prefer, where possible, to accept payment electronically because the transaction is quicker and often cuts waiting time, but we are happy to discuss alternative methods of payment if required.

How are finials delivered?

All finials are packaged securely in impact resistant foam, strong boxes and typically sent out on a wooden pallet. Due to the nature of the products, they are very well packaged to minimise the chances of them sustaining damage in transit, and breakages are extremely rare. Delivery costs are included in the price of all products on the website to UK mainland addresses (England and Wales), and we use a courier service to deliver our finials in most cases.

Can I collect finials from you?

Any collections are by appointment only as they are produced in a busy workshop manufacturing environment, and at this time we have no retail premises. Please contact us before ordering goods to discuss lead times, pricing, and collecting any of the products from the workshop.

Are all finials the same size?

No concrete and clay roof finials are not all the same size. They are available in a range of sizes to cater to diverse architectural styles and individual preferences. The dimensions of finials can vary significantly, from more understated and subtle designs that seamlessly integrate with the roofline to larger and more intricate options that serve as prominent focal points. The size of a finial depends on factors such as the design and poroportions of the ridge tile, the scheme of the building, the roof's structure, and the desired visual impact.

When selecting a concrete or clay roof finial, it's essential to consider the proportions of your roof and the overall aesthetics you want to achieve. Consulting with professionals like architects or roofers can help you determine the appropriate size for your specific project. Ultimately, the variability in finial sizes allows homeowners to personalize their roofs, harmonising them with the architectural character of the building and creating a unique and visually pleasing result