Dragons, Gargoyles & Wyverns

Welcome to the Dragons, Gargoyles, and Wyverns roof finial category, where elegant architecture and mythical creatures come together. Dragons, gargoyles, and wyverns are the inspiration for some of the roof finials in this beautiful collection. These beautiful finials are meant to decorate the tops of roofs and add a touch of enchantment to any building.

Our Dragons, Gargoyles, and Wyverns section has a wide range of roof finial styles, including accurate copies of Victorian and Edwardian designs. Some of these copies are carefully made based on original finials that are over a hundred years old, giving your roofline a nostalgic look. Also, we are proud of our unique designs, which were made with careful attention to detail and were based on mythical creatures that have been fascinating people for centuries.

Roof finials are not only used as decorative ridge tiles, but they can also be used to make your roof look more elegant. Each finial in this category is carefully made to meet the standards of the British kitemark. Our skilled craftspeople in the United Kingdom bring these amazing creations to life by combining old and new ways of doing things.

As you look at our roof finials, you can enjoy the magical world of dragons, gargoyles, and wyverns. These beautiful finials will turn your roof into a work of art and give it a mediaeval or whimsical feel, depending on what you're going for. Our finials are perfect for people who like how architecture and fantasy work together. They are well made, real, and look great for a long time.