Welsh dragon finials

Welsh dragon finials

We have a great range of dragon finials available on the Welsh dragon theme. They are a very creative and patriotic way for a proud Welshman or Welshlady to decorate their roof or garden with a stunning dragon feature to celebrate Wales's rich history, language, culture, heritage and people

The dragon designs are a mixture of classic Victorian and Edwardian replica dragon sculptures and our very own exclusive modern designs set on a range of different ridge tiles to suit various styles of roofs and features. A couple of facts about the Welsh dragon:

- In the Welsh language “y ddraig goch” means “The red dragon”
- It features on the national flag of Wales

The symbolic Welsh dragon dates back centuries and was first recorded around AD829 in the Historia Brittonum (The History of the Britons) text. Archeology and literature suggest it may have been in use earlier however and many believe the Welsh dragon symbolism may have evolved from an earlier Romano-British national symbol

Here are some ideas for dragons as feature pieces on the roof. This is a very small selection of what we have available:Welsh dragon finials

We also do a lovely range of dragon chimney pots which look great on the roof or can be used as planters in the garden:welsh dragon chimney pots and dragon on pizza oven

welsh dragon chimney pots

All pieces are listed in our online shop complete with more pictures and measurements. We have some stunning dragon finials and features to get creative and make a lovely focal point on the roof or in the garden

A Welshman once said to me in jest after receiving one of the dragon finials - “Now I have two dragons, the one on the roof and...well you can guess the who the other one is!”. He was really pleased with his dragon finial which sits proudly on the roof in the Rhondda Valley area and is much admired by passers by