Tudor roof tiles medium antique colour match

Tudor roof tiles medium antique colour match

This was a special custom commission roof finial that we did for a customer that had purchased some tudor roof tiles to reroof their property and needed a half round colour matched roof finial to match their ridge tiles

The tudor roof tile was a plain tile and finished in the medium antique colour. To get a similar effect on the roof finial many different layers of colours had to be built up on the finishing coats to give it a similar rustic effect

The result was a lovely custom coloured roof finial that closely matches the roof tile sample provided to match the existing ridge tiles and other fittings on the roof:

Tudor roof tiles medium antique colour matchA Colour Match for Tudor Slate Roofs in the Antique Medium Range

If you would like to buy this roof finial we sell it on our online shop in various colours. Let us know if you would like a special colour match done