Terracotta dragon chimney pots installed on chimney stack

Terracotta dragon chimney pots installed on chimney stack

These 2 x fabulous terracotta dragon chimney pots decorate a beautiful property in the pretty village of St. Osyth in Essex. The property itself has some beautiful architectural features such as the handmade clay roof tiles, brick built chimney stack with brindle effect bricks, wooden cladding and contrasting with the traditional features are the more modern looking windows and the bright vivid colour of the extension

The customer was looking for something with some architectural detail but also quite unusual and the dragon pots were just the thing!. They decorate and compliment both the chimney stack and clay roof tiles and on a sunny day like the conditions the photo was taken in they really do stand out and are a great addition to the roof

Terracotta dragon chimney pots installed on chimney stackTerracotta chimney pots  with a dragon sculptured installed on chimney stack

The customer sent us a lovely set of photos and was absolutely delighted when their dragon chimney pots had been installed. The 2 x photos below show the back view of the property with the beautiful chimney stack with the dragons installed. One is taken at a slight angle and the other shows the gable end chimney stack from head on and there is a lovely garden that adjoins the property:

Dragon shaped chimney pots made of terracotta are mounted atop the chimney stack.

The next 2 x photos are taken from the side of the property. The terracotta dragon pots do look great from all angles because the roofers have offset the pots so that the head and body on each are featured in a different position so no matter where you view them you see the different features:

Dragon terracotta chimney pots mounted atop a chimney stack

The garden in the next 2 x photos is beautiful. The greenery of the planted bushes, shrubs and colours of the flowers have the wonderful backdrop of the property where the terracotta dragons feature and a lovely blue sky:

Chimney stack adorned with terracotta chimney pots featuring a dragon sculptureA brick chimney stack on a cottage, topped with terracotta chimney pots featuring a dragon sculpture

It is no surprise they look great because they give the property a great silhouette and because they look a bit unusual to a normal plain chimney pot they really catch the eye

The customer was absolutely delighted with their dragons pots - "Hi, My dragons arrived today. I am so pleased with them - thank you very much. Can't wait to see them in - situ. Thanks again for making such amazing creations, and for all your help."

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