Staffordshire blue swan neck roof finial

Staffordshire blue swan neck roof finial

This was a special colour matched swan neck roof finial produced for a customer that had a slate roof with Staffordshire blue ridge tiles

The customer had been looking at either slate grey or black roof finials but neither were close enough to what they were looking for. The customer was delighted to find that we offer a colour matching service and sent us a small tile sample by post of their Staffordshire blue tile. We produced the below bespoke roof finial for them to match the tile sample

The roof finial is coloured the same as the tile sample, if you look closely you can see that their is a brown\light orange terracotta underneath the finishing colour. We produce the finials iin the same way so they look and weather as similar to the tiles as possible

The swan neck looked very good when all done and the customer was really pleased with their piece which will decorate a hip end roof. The finial design featuring in this colour match is available via the shop and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details

Staffordshire blue swan neck roof finialStaffordshire blue swan neck finial

The colour matching was based on a half round swan neck finial. If you would like to order the finial simply find the finial and add the finial to your cart