Slate grey ridge dragons

Slate grey ridge dragons

These special ridge dragons were colour matched and produced for a customer doing a barn roof extension in Wales

The customer had gone to considerable work in providing slate details on the roof in keeping with the local area but the stumbling point was finding some decorative finials to finish off the roof. After discussing requirements the customer opted for 2 roof dragons with the ridge tile part on each to be colour matched to their slate grey tile sample

The dragons looked very striking and different when finished and the colour match achieved was near perfect. The customer was delighted with their 2 custom roof dragons and left some glowing feedback:

Dragons have arrived, they were inspected and all looks superb.

We are extremely happy with both dragons. The detail with the slate coloured ridge is ideal, they look great.

I would also like to congratulate you on your communication, we only wish all our suppliers were like you.

Slate grey and terracotta ridge dragon
Slate grey and terracotta ridge dragons

The colour matching was based on 2 x dragon finials. If you would like to order any of the dragon finials simply buy via the shop with the colour match option and contact us regarding the colour finish you would like in the comments section at the end of the ordering process