Slate grey large wyvern finial

Slate grey large wyvern finial

This is an attractive looking roof wyvern finial finished in slate grey. It was specially produced for a customer that was reroofing their roof as part of restoration works with Welsh slate and they wanted a feature piece to decorate their roof and the biggest and baddest piece in the range was the ideal finial!

The cliche phrase "the photo doesn't do it justice" applies here. It is magnificent and enchanting in the photos but even better in real life

See the first photo below, the Wyvern clings to the ridge tile and all of the lovely intricate detailing like the wings, claws, tail and facial features can be seen from side on. It creates a great silhouette when installed up on the roof. The next picture shows the Wyvern from front on and it features large and distinctive wings with great proportions and detail and you can see from this view the body, facial features and its tail wraps around the ridge tile:

Slate grey large wyvern finialSlate grey large wyvern roof finial

It is a lovely roof finial and is recommended to be installed on properties with large, grand roofs. It would probably look too large on a smaller roof however full details and measurements are available for each finial and with any special colour matching effects contact us for more details