Roof gardens and garden features

Roof gardens and garden features

Our customers use our range of products for all kinds of creative features and it isn’t limited to just roof decoration!

Many customers create excellent garden features using the roof finials as statues and garden features and our stunning dragon chimney pot planters can add a beautiful feature to the garden especially when they are planted with colourful trailing flowers and other colourful varieties that add colour and character to make for a lovely garden feature:

Dragon chimney pot planterSandstone dragon chimney pot planter

The colours aren't also just limited to terracotta, pieces can be finished in all manner of colours and below shows a beautiful planted buff sandstone\bathstone coloured dragon chimney pot planter

The range of chimney pot and roof finial designs ranging from classic victorian\edwardian styles to designs such as dragons, gargoyles, cats, fish, angels and many more means that there are lots of options to create a great effect in the garden. The pieces can feature as focal points in the garden when used as decorative statues or they can feature in a rockery or improvised planter for example

The two images below show a fantastic planted garden with loads of lovely architectural features and it shows examples of how terracotta roof finials can be used to great effect as statues and architectural features in the garden:

roof-finial-garden-featuresPhoto credit:

The image above shows a terracotta ball top hip end roof finial with a lovely backdrop showing the white table and chair set on the patio area, adjacent planted chimney pot and a very nice Dicksionia Antarctica fern

terracotta-roof-finial-garden-featuresPhoto credit:

The image above shows a brick built outbuilding with tiled roof with decorative trellis and there are some beautiful planted wall baskets and the curved leaf and ball top finials feature amongst terracotta pots and other lovely features

It is quite a new emerging trend and our range of products can be used to great effect as planters or feature statues in roof gardens and rooftop terraces aswell as gardens. All products are roofing themed and they compliment surrounding features like the roof tiles, bricks and chimney stack and a great themed feature can be created on the rooftop garden or terrace