Roof finials to compliment Wienerberger roof tiles

Roof finials to compliment Wienerberger roof tiles

Wienerberger is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of roof tiles in the UK

Weinerberger supplies handmade and machine made Sandtoft, Keymer, Koramic roof tiles and slates and a range of clay and concrete roof fittings and accessories

Roof finials to compliment Wienerberger roof tilesRoof finials to compliment Wienerberger roof tiles

Our customers often ask us if it is possible for us to produce bespoke finials in scenerios where our standard colour offerings will clearly not be a good match for the roof tiles and fittings they have

We offer a large range of roof finials and a typical scenario would be when a customer has purchased either Weinerberger, Keymer, Sandtoft or Koramic tiles to roof a property and they would like a specific type of roof finial to decorate and add a personalised finishing touch to the roof

We first recommend that you check out the Weinerberger range of finials and fittings to make sure that they don't already offer what you are looking for because it could well be that there is a suitable fitting or finial already available

We recommend that customers send us a tile sample in the post so that we can view the physical sample to make recommendations on the colour and texture. Sometimes we may already have a sample from previous bespoke work but sometimes colour can vary between batches of tiles

We can produce roof finials in various different colours and textures and can produce bespoke roof finials to compliment all types of clay, concrete roof tiles and roof fittings and make recommendations on suitable colour and texture matching. We can do lots of special effects such as two tone roof dragons and wyverns and finish all other finials in a range of finishes and styles

Some of the typical colours we may get asked about by our customers when they are looking to source a nice bespoke finial would be any of the following colours shown below in the list:

20/20 – A Sandtoft branded interlocking clay plain tile
20/20 antique slate
20/20 flanders
20/20 natural red
20/20 tuscan

Actua – A large flat interlocking roof tile
Actua brown
Actua burgundy
Actua grey
Actua multiblend
Actua natural red
Actua slate engobe

Alban sussex blend – Roof tile with a sand faced finish with a charming and rustic finish

Alban vintage blend – Plan tile with a sand texture with a charming and rustic finish

Arcadia reclaimed – A Pantile with an aged appearance and a good alternative to reclaimed pantiles

Balmoral antique slate – An interlocking riven slate actually made of clay but the colour has the appearance of natural slate

Barrow plain tiles - Handmade clay plain tile with handmade irregularities which gives a nice rustic and traditional finish
Barrow burnt oak
Barrow dark rusper
Barrow light rusper
Barrow red basalt

Bridgwater double roman somerset – A popular tile that is widely used in Somerset, Dorset and beyond. The tile also comes in natural red aswell

Britlock – A riven surface interlocking tile
Britlock graphite
Britlock heather blue
Britlock lakeland green

Britslate countess graphite
Britslate countess heather blue - discontinued
Britslate countess lakeland green
Britslate duchess graphite
Britslate duchess heather blue - discontinued
Britslate duchess lakeland green

Calderdale – It has a slate appareacne with interlocking design
Calderdale brown
Calderdale dark grey
Calderdale light grey
Calderdale rustic
Calderdale terracotta red

County tile – A traditional clay pantile appearance and double interlocking
County antique slate
County flanders
County natural red
County tuscan
Creasing tiles red

Double pantile antique 2 sandfaced
Double pantile brown smoothfaced
Double pantile dark grey smoothfaced
Double pantile dark heather smoothfaced
Double pantile mottled red sandfaced
Double pantile rustic smoothfaced
Double pantile terracotta red smoothfaced

Double roman antique sandfaced no 2
Double roman brown
Double roman cornish sandfaced grey
Double roman dark grey
Double roman dark heather
Double roman mottled sandfaced red
Double roman rustic
Double roman terracotta red

Dual calderdale dark grey
Dual calderdale rustic

Dual tle: dark grey
Dual tle: rustic

Flemish 401 amarant
Flemish 401 anthracite
Flemish 401 black glazed
Flemish 401 natural red
Flemish 401 old copper
Flemish 401 rustic
Flemish 401 slate matt glazed
Flemish 401 wine glazed

Gaelic natural red

Goxhill autumn brown
Goxhill dark chestnut
Goxhill dark red

Greenwood natural red

Neo pantile – An open gauge pantile making it easier to install them on the roof
Neo pantile antique slate
Neo pantile flanders
Neo pantile natural red
Neo pantile tuscan

New cassius antique slate
New cassius tuscan

New rivius antique slate

Okewood haze

Old english antique slate
Old english flanders
Old english natural red

Olympus – A clay tile that gives a natural clay appearance on the roof
Olympus flanders
Olympus natural red
Olympus tuscan

Plain tile antique sandfaced
Plain tile brindle sandfaced
Plain tile brown smoothfaced

Humber – A clay machine made plain tile
Humber flanders
Humber gothic red - discontinued
Humber natural red
Humber tuscan
Humber antique

Koramic old hollow – A clay pantile with a weathered look
Old hollow 451 anthracite
Old hollow 451 black glazed
Old hollow 451 braised blue
Old hollow 451 natural red
Old hollow 451 rustic
Old hollow 451 victorian
Old hollow 451 victorian braised blue

Koramic 301 amarant
Koramic 301 natural red
Koramic 301 rustic
Koramic 301 toscana
Koramic 303 old heather
Koramic 303 old rustic
Koramic 303 old weathered
Koramic 311 kent red
Koramic 311 lichen green
Koramic 311 ochre lichen
Koramic 311 vineyard black

Lindum tile – A concrete interlocking roof tile
Lindum antique 2 sandfaced
Lindum brown smoothfaced
Lindum dark grey smoothfaced
Lindum light grey smoothfaced
Lindum mottled red sandfaced
Lindum rustic smoothfaced
Lindum terracotta red smoothfaced

Modula clay double roman
Modula chilton red
Modula natural red