Roof finial colour matching service for aldershaw roof tiles

Roof finial colour matching service for aldershaw roof tiles

We have been previously asked if we carry stock or can source an aldershaw finial. It is possible for us to produce bespoke colour matched roof finials to compliment the lovely range of aldershaw roofing products using finials from our own range but please be sure to check out the aldershaw range of roofing products first to see if they already offer what you are looking for as some manufacturers carry their own range of roof finials and fittings and even in the colour you are looking for

Customers in particular that opt for handmade kent peg tiles and traditional style handmade roof tiles for restoration work often search for roof finials to restore or add a feature in the preservation of old buildings to add character, charm and an architectural feature to the roof

We offer a large and diverse range of finials and customers often like to decorate the roof and add a nice architectural feature by including a roof finial. In most cases a customer is looking for a finial with a similar colour or effect so that it will match in well and is in keeping with the colour and theme of the roof

In all other situations where our standard colours are not close enough to the desired colour and effect we can produce bespoke roof finials in just about any colour imaginable and can offer colour matching and special effect details to customers wishing to compliment a roof where either aldershaw roof tiles, peg tiles, ridge tiles or handmade tiles are to be installed

Colour matching works best when a customer sends us a sample of one of their aldershaw roofing products so that we can match direct to the sample and replicate a similar colour and effect on the roof finial. The sample can even be as small as 1” square to save on postage costs provided it shows enough of the overall colour

The colour and texture produced will be a close representation of the sample supplied and will ensure that the roof finial when installed will match in well with adjacent tiles and fittings

To find out more contact us for more information and view some of our previous colour matching work

We have had some requests before including colour matches to the following tiles and tile colours:

Cambridge peg tiles
Dark antique
Dark red
Kent peg tiles
Medium antique
Medium red
Pink antique
Plain buff