Redland rosemary clay classic colour matched finials

Redland rosemary clay classic colour matched finials

If you need a finial to blend in well with a redland rosemary clay classic our colour matching service means we can offer finials colour matched in a similar colour to a rosemary tile

Rosemary tile

Colour matching is from £15 extra per finial

If you have searched to find a finial that has a specific colour and you can't find the colour you are looking for we can help. Bespoke roof finials can be produced in just about any colour imaginable with amazing results. If you need a really close colour match why not send us a tile sample or even a small fragment so that we can match directly to the physical sample

Alternate options if you have no tile sample...

We have done colour matching to photos but the colour match is likely not to be as close because often a computer monitor or printer will produce a slightly different shade difference to the real physical colour of a sample

Colour matching and special effects can be done to all ranges of roofing products also other potential colour matches for the redland rosemary clay classic include the following:

This type of roof tile is manufactured in a range of colours:

- Red
- Light Mixed Brindle
- Medium Mixed Brindle
- Burnt Blend
- Russet Mix
- Dark Antique
- Blue Brindle
- County Blend
- Heather

You can order colour matching for any of the pieces via the website or contact us for further information

If you have tile sample that you would like to send us please contact us so that we can provide our address details

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