Redland rosemary blue brindle dragon and owl finials

Redland rosemary blue brindle dragon and owl finials

These two special dragon and owl roof finials were produced for a customer that had Monier redland rosemary blue brindle tiles going on the roof and matching ridge tiles. They was looking for some decorative finials to finish off the roof and opted for the dragon and owl to be installed on the gable ends

Below shows the colour match, the end result is really good and gives peace of mind that they will look good on the roof installed alongside the blue brindle ridge tiles:

Owl and guardian monier rosemary blue brindle colour match

Colour matching is from £15 extra per finial

If you have searched to find a finial that has a specific colour and you can't find the colour you are looking for we can help. Bespoke roof finials can be produced in just about any colour imaginable with amazing results. If you need a really close colour match why not send us a tile sample or even a small fragment so that we can match directly to the physical sample

The rosemary tile range is also finished in other colours:

- Red
- Light Mixed Brindle
- Medium Mixed Brindle
- Burnt Blend
- Russet Mix
- Dark Antique
- County Blend
- Heather