Redland renown finial colour match

Redland renown finial colour match

If you need to source a colour matched finial which is similar in colour to a redland renown we can produce a bespoke colour matched finial

Redland Renown

It is £15 per colour matched roof finial

If you are looking for a finial in a particular colour and cannot find one anywhere we can help customers to achieve the desired look. Roof finials are manufactured and finished in antique terracotta but we can also do them in custom colours so that the pieces closely resemble tile samples. We can do colour matching to pictures but better results are achieved when we match to a physical tile sample

Other options if you don't have a tile sample to send...

Colour matching to photos or specific colours is possible but often the result is not as good as when we match to a tile sample

Special colour matching effects can be replicated on all  roof tile manufacturers roofing products also other potential colour matches for the redland renown include the following

- Brown
- Antique Red
- Cotswold
- Slate Grey
- Terracotta
- Tudor Brown
- Farmhouse Red
- Breckland Brown

You can order colour matching for any of the pieces via the website or contact us for further information

Contact us regarding your tile sample or requirements and we can send our address to recieve your tile sample for colour matching

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