Redland heathland colour matched finial

Redland heathland colour matched finial

If you are looking to source a colour matched finial similar to a redland heathland we can manufacture a bespoke finial to match

Colour matched pieces cost £15 each

If you can't source any finials in the colour you are looking for we can help. Bespoke roof finials can be produced in just about any colour imaginable with amazing results. If you need a really close colour match why not send us a tile sample or even a small fragment so that we can match directly to the phyiscal sample

What if you don't have a roof tile sample...

Colour matching is possible to do if you send us a photo but colour difference between computer monitors or print outs may mean the end result is not as good as colour matching to a real physical colour sample

Colour matching and special effects can be done to all  ranges of roofing products also there is of course other options for the redland heathland

This variety is made in the following colours:

- Autumn
- Ember
- Manor House Mix
- Wealden Red
- Elizabethan

Any of the pieces in the range can be done with bespoke colour matching effects and can be ordered via the website

If you have tile sample that you would like to send us please contact us so that we can provide our address details

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