Redbank ridge dragon colour match

Redbank ridge dragon colour match

This was a very special commission for a London based customer. The customer was refurbishing their property and as part of the works the roof was to be stripped off and reroofed with new tiles featuring decorative redbank clay double crested ridge tiles and a matching dragon roof finial

The customer was looking for a grand finial to finish off the refurbishment project and to also add a decorative architectural feature to the gable end of the roof to the back of the property that would be visible from ground level. The customer sent us a picture of the back of their property prior to the re-roof so that we could spec a suitable finial

The picture indicated that the roof pitch was approx 90 degrees or thereabouts therefore any finial based on an angled 45 degree ridge tile in the range would suffice. We offered the customer several options including Victorian style finials with ball top, fleur de lys, spike and scrolled finial crests as well as other designs such as dragons and animals

A speciality of ours is assisting customers with restoring and adding architectural details to a diverse range of properties and structures. We can offer a range of services such as colour matching, texture matching and producing bespoke finials that are in keeping with the nearby surroundings so that a desired look is achieved. The customer opted to go for the largest dragon in the range which is our flagship piece and they wanted colour matching to be replicated on the piece so the finial colour is a close match to their ridge tiles. The customer opted to go for our roof finial colour matching option and initially sent us a picture of one of their clay double crested ridge tiles so that we could do colour matching to the picture

Property gable before roof wyvern installationPicture of a Redbank hole crested ridge tile

Although colour matching to a picture is possible sometimes there can be a shade difference so ultimately the customer decided to send us a fragment of their redbank ridge tiles so that we could colour match to the sample for the closest possible match

The ridge dragon was poured from scratch and colour matched to the tile sample, the process took 10 days from start to finish and a day for the delivery. Below are some pictures of the completed ridge dragon finial

Redbank ridge wyvern colour matchRedbank ridge wyvern colour match side view
Redbank ridge wyvern colour matched and installed on the roofRedbank roof with tiles, ridges and wyvern roof finial