Reclaimed roof finials

Reclaimed roof finials

Reclaimed roof finials come from demolition jobs, roofing overhauls or refurbs and can be from historic or culturally significant buildings. These vintage pieces are prized for their charm. Reclaimed roof finials add character and authenticity to modern construction or restoration projects.

Reclaimed Roof Finials:

1. Antique Appeal: Reclaimed roof finials have an aged patina. The weathered look gives any building a vintage look.

2. Historical Significance: Reclaimed finials from specific architectural periods or cultures have historical value. This historical significance can add character to their new home.

3. Unique Designs: Reclaimed roof finials show off past generations craftsmanship. They may have intricate carvings, detailed motifs, or regional symbols that reflect their origins.

4. Sustainable Choice: Reclaimed roof finials give old architectural elements a new life. Reusing salvaged pieces reduces waste, resource use, and production.

Reclaimed Roof Finial Considerations:

1. Compatibility: Use reclaimed finials that match the roof's design, style, and scale when building or renovating. They should complement the architecture.

2. Restoration and Maintenance: Reclaimed finials may need repair to stay stable. Maintaining their appearance and preventing further weathering may require maintenance.

3. Sourcing and Authenticity: When we are offered original reclaimed roof finials we ensure they are sourced from reputable companmies, architectural antique suppliers or salvage yards to ensure the authenticity and quality of reclaimed finials.

4. Code Compliance: Check local building codes and regulations before using reclaimed roof finials, especially if they are from a heritage or historically protected area.


Reclaimed roof finials add nostalgia, uniqueness, and sustainability to architecture. Builders and architects love them for their antique appeal, historical significance, and environmental benefits. These reclaimed treasures can continue to decorate buildings and honour past artisans with proper restoration and installation.