Pizza oven dragon chimney pot

Pizza oven dragon chimney pot

This is one of our stunning 2 tone terracotta dragon chimney pots installed on a wonderful pizza oven. The chimney pot features a dragon which is coloured darker to stand out against the lighter coloured chimney pot. The dragon wraps around the pot and the head, scales, claws and tail have lovely detail which really stand out and give the piece character

We are delighted that the customer took the pictures and was really happy with their dragon chimney pot. The pictures below show a "before and after" install. We think that the customers attempt at doing the dragon was really good actually! - With a bit more fine tuning the workshop will be signing the customer to commission some pieces!. The chimney pot really does make for a fantastic feature on the stonework of the pizza oven:

Pizza oven dragon designed by customer before pot fittingStone Pizza oven featuring a terracotta dragon chimney pot

As you can see the customer has done an incredible job having constructed the pizza oven himself and the pizza oven dragon pot adds an amazing feature and finishing touch to the pizza oven. Below are several more pictures taken from different angles with the 2 tone chimney pot installed:

Pizza oven made of stone with a terracotta dragon chimney potPizza oven made of stone with a terracotta dragon chimney pot

There are some lovely touches like the log store and wooden access door to the oven. We also really like the below picture which is our favourite and gives a view of the whole area with the pizza oven to the right

The customer has created a stunning and idyllic area in the garden which is perfect for enjoying some home cooked pizza no doubt and wow what a fantastic setting to relax and enjoy the outdoors:

view of the garden and dragon chimney pot on the pizza oven

The dragon chimney pot is available in a range of different colours and finishes. This was the 2 tone terracotta version but if something bespoke is required we can produce a lovely unique chimney pot