Marley staffordshire blue spike roll top finial

Marley staffordshire blue spike roll top finial

This lovely Staffordshire blue roll top ridge was produced for a customer that had sourced Marley Staffordshire blue ridge tiles and roof tiles and wanted a nice finial to match. The customer had a tough time finding something that would work well because finials mainly are finished in terracotta or brown and sometimes black

We was able to offer our colour matching service and the customer opted to send us a small ridge tile sample in the post and we replicated the colour and features of the Staffordshire blue sample to the finial

See below 2 x pictures of the custom roof finial produced. The first shows the Staffordshire blue tile sample:

Marley staffordshire blue spike roll top finialA Marley Staffordshire blue spike roll top finial

The finial that was produced is through coloured so that it weathers down in the same manner as the tile sample. It is a good sized finial for gable ends, dormers, and we can do them in all sorts of colours. It has a roll top style ridge tile and works well alongside most other roll top profile ridges