Marley heather blend tall half round ball spike

Marley heather blend tall half round ball spike

This was a colour matched half round finial that we produced for a customer that were using Marley heather blend tiles on the roof

The customer used Marley half round ridge tiles to finish off the roof restoration work and wanted to add a finial to feature on the gable end. They were initially concerned that our colour may look too new or a different terracotta shade to their half rounds however we offer an excellent colour matching service

The picture shows the finished piece inside the workshop:

marley heather blend tall half round roof finial colour match

We can colour match to all kinds of ridge tiles and samples and quite often get asked to colour match our finials to compliment Marley's great range of roof tiles and ridges

If you are interested in this finial you can order the standard finial design but if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details