Marley ashmore interlocking plain tile finial colour matching

Marley ashmore interlocking plain tile finial colour matching

If you are searching for a finial that is is the same colour as a marley ashmore interlocking plain tile we can manufacture a bespoke finial to match

It is £15 per colour matched roof finial

If you can't source any finials in the colour you are looking for we can help. Roof finials are manufactured and finished in antique terracotta but we can also do them in custom colours so that the pieces closely resemble tile samples. When customers send us a tile sample for colour matching we achieve very closely matching pieces

Alternate options if you have no tile sample...

We can do colour matching to pictures or when there is no physical tile sample but for the best result tends to be achieved when we have a physical sample to colour match to

Special colour matching effects can be replicated on all manufacturers roofing products also there is of course other options for the marley ashmore interlocking plain tile

This variety is made in the following colours:

- Burnt Heather
- Chestnut
- Old English Dark Red
- Smooth Brown
- Smooth Grey

All of the roof finials can be ordered with custom colour matching and effect directly via the website

If you need a finial done in a specific colour to match the look of your roof tile or ridge tiles please contact us to discuss requirements

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