Marley acme farmhouse brown dragon finial match

Marley acme farmhouse brown dragon finial match

This was a special colour match job done for a customer that wanted to source a nice half round dragon finial for their garage to match some marley roof tiles

marley acme farmhouse brown dragon finial colour match

The customer wanted something that would be in keeping with their newly re-roofed tiled garage and made an enquiry to see if we could colour match a suitable dragon finial for them

The customer sent one of their Marley acme farmhouse brown tile samples to us for colour matching. We can also accept tile samples as small as 1" square to save on postage costs because even at that size the sample shows enough of the colour to match to. The customer was very pleased with the end result and the combination of the lovely marley tiles with the dragon installed on the gable end has added a lovely architectural focal point to the garage 

If you would like to buy one of the dragons it is available on our online shop in various colours and we offer the colour matching option