Marley acme clay plain tile finial colour matching

Marley acme clay plain tile finial colour matching

If you are looking to source a finial in the same colour as a marley acme clay plain tile we can produce bespoke colour matched finials:

These four roof finials were a special custom commission produced for a customer that had sourced some Marley acme roof tiles to reroof their roof. Two of the finials are for gable ends with a wide roof pitch and the other two are multi sided block end finials for two bay windows

The property had some Victorian original roof finials that had weathered and decayed over the years and the customer was keen to replace them with our range of finials because we can produce any of the finials to match to their specifications - Perfect for restoration work and to restore architectural detail in conservation areas

You can order the finial designs from our online shops. We have also colour matched to the below weathered marley acme tile sample before:

Marley acme weathered

Image shows a reclaimed acme tile. We can do colour matching effects such as this on any of the roof finials or other products

Colour matching is from £15 extra per finial

If you can't source any finials in the colour you are looking for we can help. Custom roof finials can be colour matched to samples or requirements with excellent results. The best colour matches are achieved when customers send us their tile samples to be colour matched

Other options if you don't have a tile sample to send...

Colur matching to pictures is not a problem but to get a guaranteed close match it would be best to send us a tile sample even if it is a small fragment if you have that option available

Colour matching and texture matching can be done to all  ranges of roofing products also there is of course other options for the marley acme clay plain tile

This particular tile comes in these colours:

- Antique
- Burnt Flame
- Century
- Dark Brindle
- Farmhouse Brown Sand Faced
- Grey Sand Faced
- Heather Blend
- Heather Sand Faced
- Red Sand Faced
- Red Smooth
- Smooth Brindle
- Vintage Brown


The finials that we produce can be made bespoke to requirements and ordered directly through the website

Contact us regarding your tile sample or requirements and we can send our address to recieve your tile sample for colour matching

Roof finial colour match group pic 1