Large wyvern garden ornament

Large wyvern garden ornament

This is one of our block end large wyvern finials. They are normally installed on the roof but customers come up with all manner of creative ways and ideas to use our products to make a special feature and create a talking point

The customer in this case wanted to use one of our wyverns as a garden ornament to complement their lovely display of planted chimney pots and other terracotta pieces in the garden

The task for this wyvern garden ornament was to create the piece with a rich natural red shade of terracotta colour and also as it is an ornament to block in all sides of the ridge tile:

Large wyvern garden ornamentLarge wyvern garden statue

The wyvern has eyes fitted in the piece too which really bring it to life. There is a range of colours to choose from including red, green, yellow and more and the customer opted to go for the piece with the eyes fitted so it is a little more unique and life like

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