Hawk roof final installed on a timber frame porch

Hawk roof final installed on a timber frame porch

This was a special colour matched hawk roof finial produced for a customer that wanted a beautiful adornment for their tiled timber frame porch

In the realm of roofing design, where functionality meets aesthetics, hawk roof finials stand as timeless pieces of craftsmanship. These ornamental finials, designed and meticulously crafted in the UK, have become a symbol of elegance and architectural finesse. One of the distinctive features that set this hawk roof finial apart is the attention to detail with the colour matching that ensures the hawk seamlessly blends with the roof tiles

Offering colour matching to customers gives them the flexibility to complement ridge tiles, roof tiles, or bricks from a plethora of manufacturers. From Redland and Marley to Sandtoft and Wienerberger customers submit a tile sample and a colour to complement their ridge and roof tiles is achieved

The actual hawk finial design is a testament to the rich heritage of craftsmanship embedded in every piece. Crafted in the UK at the workshop by skilled craftsmen, each finial tells a story of tradition, precision, and passion. The hawk finials, used for ornamental purposes, add a touch of sophistication to any roof. Their presence is not limited to specific architectural styles; they grace properties ranging from period and grade-listed to modern and contemporary. This versatility underscores the adaptability of these finials, making them a sought after choice for discerning homeowners and architects alike.

The material used in crafting the hawk roof finials is a specially formulated concrete mix that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets the rigorous British standards. Compliant with bs en 490: 2004 and bs en 491: 2004, these finials are through coloured and are very dirable

The process of creating these finials begins with a range of meticulously crafted mouldings. Each design in the hawk range carries a unique charm, contributing to the diversity of options available. From classic and timeless designs to more contemporary and bold choices, the hawk finials allow homeowners and architects to choose the perfect ornament to crown their roofs.

The installation of hawk roof finials is not just about adding an ornamental feature; it is about enhancing the overall aesthetics of a property. Whether it's a historical building with intricate detailing or a modern masterpiece, the hawk finials bring a finishing touch that transcends time. It's a nod to tradition while embracing the best of contemporary design principles. Finials are not merely architectural accessories; they are a celebration of craftsmanship that has graced rooftops for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come

Hawk roof finial on timber porchHawk roof finial on a tile porch