Hanson redbank curved leaf roof finial colour match

Hanson redbank curved leaf roof finial colour match

These 2 x curved leaf gable end roof finials were produced for a customer that wanted them to match in with their new roof which was roofed with Hanson redbank roof tiles and ridges in the standard terracotta colour

The customer supplied a small tile sample which was from one of their broken ridge tiles and a tile sample of this size is fine for colour matching because it shows enough of the overall colour to match to

The Hanson redbank colour is more orange and smoother than our standard colour and the customer was really pleased with the finials which will be installed on opposite gable ends of the roof:

hanson redbank ciurved leaf roof finial colour match

The colour came out really good however the lighting and shadows in the picture is making the tile sample look darker as it was taken outside on a sunny day. If the tile sample was propped up vertically against the finials the light would refect slightly different and it would look a lot closer in the picture. If you look closely at the top of the finials the colour darkens similar to how the tile is looking