Guardian dragon redland farmhouse red roof finial

Guardian dragon redland farmhouse red roof finial

The customer was having a roof renovation carried out and as part of the works redland farmhouse red tiles were sourced and were to be installed on the roof as part of the renovation. Pic below shows the customers redland red ridge tiles:

farmhouse red segmental ridge tiles 2

The customer was keen to add a nice dragon architectural feature to the property as part of the renovation and opted to go for one of the lovely decorative roof dragons. Below is the decorative half round roof dragon that we did as a custom commission colour matched to a farmhouse red colour sample:

Guardian dragon redland farmhouse red roof finialGuardian dragon, red roof, farmhouse in Redland

We supply them in 3 x standard colours; antique terracotta, anthracite and slate grey but we also offer a colour matching option. The customer wanted the dragon to be in keeping with the tiles they had specified for the roof so opted to send us a colour match sample so that we could produce the dragon in a bespoke colour for them