Gold gilded roof dragon

Gold gilded roof dragon

This roof dragon was a special commision for a customer based in Belgium. The customer was looking for a feature to decorate the roof and opted to go for a custom colour roof dragon

gold gilded roof dragon

The customer had purchased some brown roof tiles as part of the roof refurbishment and opted to go for our colour matching service so that the dragon is the same colour shade as the colour of the roof tiles. The customer sent us a small tile sample showing the colour and we was able to produce a roof dragon to closely match the roof tile sample provided

The roof dragon was installed on the roof by the roofers in Belgium and was bedded in place using mortar in the traditional way. The customer is a craftsman and likes gilding so to add a special finishing touch the customer added some additional features to the roof dragon which were the gold gilded 3d eyes and the gold dome shaped reflective orb to tidy up the mortar work

The install is a very neat job and the gilding technique has made for a very nice decorative install and feature on the gable end of the roof