Dark grey satin colour matched hip end finials

Dark grey satin colour matched hip end finials

This was a special bespoke roof finial produced for a customer that had purchased some unusual dark grey satin colour ridge tiles

The customer was having some work done on their roof and they wanted to add a roof finial to decorate the hip end section of their roof and they had tried elsewhere but the colour of other roof finials was a poor match for their ridge tiles

The customer opted to go for our colour matching service and sent us a 1" tile sample by post and we colour matched to the sample to produce a nice bespoke ball top spike finial with a very close dark grey satin effect

Dark grey satin colour matched hip end finialsHip end finials in a matching shade of dark grey satin

The customer was absolutely delighted with how their roof finial came out. The satin effect reproduced on the roof finial is very similar to the actual tile sample and it ensures that the roof finial can go seamlessly on the roof without it sticking out badly