Chinese tea house roof dragons and chimney pots

Chinese tea house roof dragons and chimney pots

The special segmental roof dragons and chimney pots further down were produced for a customer working on a chinese tea house themed project for their garden. The customer submitted some plans and information describing the chinese teahouse

The architects plan features 4 roof dragons for each corner of the roof

- Ridges run down the hip part of the roof and the dragons are fitted in each corner to give a decorative finish
- The 2 other dragons are installed at the top of the roof at each hip end
- Some decorative chimney pots are needed in keeping with the chinese theme

chinese tea house plan

Initially the customer was looking to have the dragons produced with a green glazed gloss ceramic effect to match some decorative external tiles but later opted for a terracotta colour to match their ridge tiles

The customer sent us a sample of their roof tile and we got to work with the colour matching on the dragons achieving a very close\near perfect match to their tile sample:

Chinese tea house roof dragonsChinese tea house roof dragons and chimney pots

In addition to the dragons the customer also opted for some dragon chimney pots. The chimney pots were produced in slate grey to add a decorative finishing feature to be placed in situ of the Chinese themed teahouse. The customer is to use the chimney pots as decorative garden planters to give the teahouse a colourful natural feature:

Chinese tea house chimney pots