Car port hawk roof finial

Car port hawk roof finial

The customer got in contact with us to spec a hawk roof finial for their car port. They supplied some drawings of the roof which showed the car port roof and which ridge tiles were to go on the roof

In this case segmental ridge tiles were used to we gave the customer the option of any roof finial in the segmental roof finial range. The customer opted for the hawk roof finial and asked if we can colour match to their sample

The customer sent the tile sample to us and the finial piece was closely colour matched so that it blends in well with the rest of the roof tiles. The picture below shows the finial installed on the top of the car port roof, the finial blends in well with the rest of the roof:

Car port featuring a hawk roof finial

The picture below shows a close up of the hawk finial on the car port:

close up of hawk roof finial on car port