Broken fleur ball finial recommendation

Broken fleur ball finial recommendation

A customer got in contact with us when their original clay roof finial had perished and fallen off of the roof

The customer was looking to replace the broken roof finial with a closely matching finial to preserve the architectural look of their roof. We offered the customer some options such as repairing the broken finial and making a mould so a replica finial could be made as well as offering a closely matching finial from the range

The customers original finial was in quite a bad state and well weathered so they opted to go for a close matching finial in the range

The picture below shows the extent of the damage to the broken finial:

Broken Roof Finial

The closest piece we had in the range was the large fleur de lis roof finial. We finished this with weathering detail to match the customers photo so the finial had highlights of white, green, grey moss and spots. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of it but we received some great feedback from the customer when it was installed on the roof

fleur roof finial