Antique finials and ornamental ridge tiles for roofs

Antique finials and ornamental ridge tiles for roofs

Brindle half round ball top finialAntique finials are an architectural piece that will add character to the roof. All roof finials are finished in an antique terracotta colour with a weather resistant sealant to repel the elements.

Finials suit new builds, house extensions, porches, manors, grade listed buildings, re-roofs, garage roofs, architectural buildings and all other sorts of roofing projects. Customers favourite products include dragon ridge finials. Our customers include businesses, architects, roofers, DIYers, homeowners and more

All roof finials have passed the British standards EN 490:2004 and BS EN 491:2004 tests. We are proud of the quality of our roof finials. They are designed to last longer than cheap imitations on the market. Every finial is presented in high detail and is often an exclusive design not available anywhere else or a quality reproduction of a popular classic

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Count on us to create your order with care and attention to detail, quality check it, finish it, and deliver it straight to your door within mainland UK, all at a fair price with free delivery included.

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Including antique finials we do a range of roof finials including designs such as big ball finials, chimney dragons, dragon roof finals, garden finials, large finials, roof dragons, small curved leaf finials and small scroll ball 8 leaf finials. Buy roof finials online for your roof project, they are elegant hand crafted items that can be shipped in the UK

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