2 tone guardian dragon slate grey and terra

2 tone guardian dragon slate grey and terra

This was a stunning two colour dragon finial, created for a customer that needed the finial to integrate into the roof and look uniform yet with the dragon standing out in a striking contrasting terracotta colour 

In the realm of architectural embellishments, few captivate the imagination quite like the dragon roof finial. This mythical themed finial creature not only serves as a focal point but also adds a touch of magic and grandeur to any structure. Dragons are a symbol of power, protection, and good fortune in many cultures. The choice of terracotta for the dragon adds a timeless and earthy quality, resonating with tradition whilst the grey ridge helps it to work and install seamlessly on the ridge line

This dragon has great detail, giving life to the dragon's scales, wings, and expression. The dragon, when perched on the roof, becomes a guardian of the roof, standing resilient against rain, sun, and wind.

two tone dragon roof finialdragon roof finial on a pallet

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