14 x fleur de lys roof finials for prestige roofing

14 x fleur de lys roof finials for prestige roofing

These were 14 roof finials produced for a customer. They opted for Fleur de lys roof finials which are a lovely decorative touch for any roof, whether it be on a Victorian mansion, a grade listed property, or a brand new contemporary home. They improve the property's kerb appeal by lending an air of class and refinement to the building's facade. The 14 fleur de lys finials were for a client for use on the gable and dormers of their newly constructed homes. Historically significant and intricately crafted, fleur de lys finials for roofs are the subject of this article's in depth examination.

The "fleur de lys," which is a stylized flower or iris, has been used as a design for many years. In heraldry, architecture, and the visual arts, it has worked successfully adding decoraqtion to the structure. Fleur de lys are often used as decorations on roofs, gates, and other parts of buildings. Like the french monarchy itself, it is a symbol of purity, dignity, and majesty.

Using moulds, we create a variety of fleur de lis roof finial designs for sale. Our fleur de lis roof finials are all cast in a through coloured concrete mixture that conforms to British standards bs en 490: 2004 and bs en 491. Our finials are therefore resilient, resistant to the elements, and long lasting.

When deciding on fleur de lys roof finials, there are a few details to keep in mind, the finial's size is an important factor to think about. The size needs to be suitable for the roof and the home as a whole. In the same way that a massive finial may overpower a little house, a small finial might be lost on a large one. This particular client had a range of different sized roof elevations so selected well sized decoraitve finials

The colour of the finial is also significant. These fleur de lys roof finials come in a variety of colours so you can find one that works with the aesthetic of your home. Roofs adorned with fleur de lys finials are a classy and sophisticated choice. They improve the look of the house from the outside and provide a memorable first impression