11 x 7 hand made clay tile colour matched finial

11 x 7 hand made clay tile colour matched finial

If you are searching for a finial that is a similar colour as a 11 x 7 hand made clay tile we offer a colour matching option and can achieve a close match

11 x 7 hand made clay tile colour matched finial

Roof finial colour matching is £15 each

If you are looking for a finial in a particular colour and cannot find one anywhere we can help customers to achieve the desired look. Roof finials are manufactured and finished in antique terracotta but we can also do them in custom colours so that the pieces closely resemble tile samples. When customers send us a tile sample for colour matching we achieve very closely matching pieces

If you don't have a tile sample...

We have done colour matching to photos but the colour match is likely not to be as close because often a computer monitor or printer will produce a slightly different shade difference to the real physical colour of a sample

We colour and texture match to all different varieties of roofing products also there is of course other options for the 11 x 7 hand made clay tile

This tile is known to be finished in these range of colours:

  • Terracotta
  • Brown
  • Also mixed colours with weathered moss and lichen details on the roof tile

The finials that we produce can be made bespoke to requirements and ordered directly through the website

If would like to get a colour match done to your tile sample or specifications please contact us and we will provide our address