10 year weathered segmental gargoyle roof finial

10 year weathered segmental gargoyle roof finial

There are few things as traditional looking as a terracotta gargoyle roof finial for giving a building more personality and charm. Rooftops of buildings, from historic mansions and victorian residences to sleek and contemporary buildings, have been adorned with these decorative items for decades.

Our company creates a variety of gargoyle designs from moulds. We were happy to hear from a client not too long ago who had purchased one of our gargoyle roof finials over ten years ago and was pleased to report that it was still in great condition, displaying excellent weathering detail and lending a bit of character to their house.

The fact that this gargoyle has survived the outside for ten years straight is a testament to the high quality of the materials and workmanship used to make them. Because of its resistance to wind, rain, and other wet and cold elements, terracotta is a great material for outdoor decorations. As for our gargoyle roof finials, we make sure each one is constructed with the utmost care and atention to detail so that it will survive for many years.

It's a testimonial to the durability of our gargoyle roof finials that the buyer returned to us to buy a second one after having enjoyed the first for a decade. While gargoyle roof finials may have formerly served a functional purpose, such as deflecting water away from the roof to prevent structural damage, they are now mostly utilised for their aesthetic value.

There is a broad variety of gargoyle roof finials to choose from, which has contributed to their enduring popularity. There is a gargoyle out there that will complement every home or garden, from the most basic to the most elaborate, and from the most conventional to the most avantgarde. Our firm is especially proud of its wide variety of designs that are suitable for usage on a wide variety of buildings

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, gargoyle roof finials also have a rich and interesting history that dates back centuries. Many mediaeval cathedrals and other religious structures featured gargoyles as ornamental accents because of the widespread belief that these creatures could safeguard the structure from evil spirits. While originally serving a utilitarian purpose, gargoyles eventually became solely aesthetic and found widespread use in secular buildings.

These days, homeowners and architects alike like gargoyle roof finials for the way they can distinguish a home from the rest. A gargoyle roof finial is a great way to bring fun to a contemporary home or highlight the historic beauty of a historical structure.

If you're thinking about installing a gargoyle roof finial on your home, you should get one that's made to last. Our firm uses only the highest quality materials and methods to craft each individual gargoyle roof finial. You can choose the right gargoyle for your home and your taste among the many different styles availble