About Us

Rooffinials.co.uk is an online shop for one of the largest collections of roof finials in the UK

We offer quite a comprehensive range of different styles of roof finials, finial sculptures, and other roofing related products.

Our service

We offer a friendly and useful service with the personal touch, always happy to assist with any questions about the products or other enquiries all the way from pre-sales to the order being delivered

Our customers have a wide range of needs, but many that are looking for a particular product or style often positively comment on the information and convenience at their fingertips with the ability to order finials and related products online. The time, effort, and costs that can be saved by buying directly online can be quite considerable. Other methods of finding a particular finial can be a real lottery and quite a time consuming process

The products

All products are made by skilled craftsmen at the finial workshop in Hullbridge, Essex and the designs include quality Victorian reproduction finials and other unique sculptured designs all of which are available via the online shop

We offer our own range of standard colour options, but we can also produce bespoke products that can be finished in a range of different colours and textures to suit all types of different roofs, finishes and styles. Our main standard colour for products is antique terracotta, but bespoke pieces and colours can be easily ordered and produced via the online shop or by contacting us to discuss requirements. Our standard colour ranges work well with most roofs, and the products, although modern in design and build quality have plenty of charm and character.

Manufacturing and build quality

All products are thoroughly checked and scrutinized all the way through the manufacturing process. We have built a reputation for quality and reliability, and only those products that pass the strict quality control and testing will be available for sale in the shop. (We don't offer any discounted seconds or damaged goods for sale)

Products are made in accordance with the current British Standard versions (BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004). The products meet strict performance criteria in terms of strength, impermeability to rainwater, and freeze-thaw resistance.

The products are made from a concrete based mix reinforced with small fiberglass strands and additives, with several top coats applied to give them their final appearance. The colour of the finial runs all the way through the piece, resulting in a strong and long lasting product

Delivery of products

All products include standard delivery with a tracking number to the UK mainland. The great care and attention to detail with the quality of the products, right down to the packaging, means that the products should arrive in perfect condition, and we are proud to say that they grace roof tops not only in the UK but all over the world.