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December Deliveries

Our last delivery day before the Christmas Holidays is 18th December. Please check with us before ordering if you need an order to be delivered on or before the 18th so we can advise on stock level of item(s). Orders could go into January for delivery 1st or 2nd week if we are out of stock of item(s)

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Swan neck half round ridge

£150.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

A swan neck finial based on a half round ridge. It's perfect for the gable end of the roof and will work well with roofs that have half round ridges
Length: 305mm Width: 265mm Height: 280mm

Swan neck half round block end

£155.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

Swan neck half round ridge tile is a beautiful finial for the roof. It is a decorative block end which goes great with a row of half round ridges
Length: 12" Width: 10.5" Height: 11"

Swan neck blockend roof finial

£160.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

Swan neck block end roof finial from the block end finial range. It is a lovely reproduction swan neck roof finial that looks great on the roof
Ridge Base: L: 9.25" W: 12" H: 19.5"

Small swan neck roof finial

£130.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

Small swan neck from our small finial range. This is a small swan neck finial finished to a high standard in terracotta to make a great feature
Ridge Angle: 45° L: 8.5" W: 9.75" H: 14"
Code: FIN-SSN1

Small swan neck finial

£130.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

This is a great small swan neck roof finial design which because of it's size is particularly suited to porches, dormers and other smaller roofs
Ridge Angle: 55° L: 7" W: 8" H: 12"
Code: FIN-SSN2

Small scrolled swan neck finial

£150.00 (Includes delivery to England & Wales)

The small scrolled swan neck finial is a decorative finial that is finished in antique terracotta by default and the height
Ridge Angle: 35° L: 12" W: 11" H: 12.5"
Code: FIN-SSN3

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