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December Deliveries

Our last delivery day before the Christmas Holidays is 18th December. Please check with us before ordering if you need an order to be delivered on or before the 18th so we can advise on stock level of item(s). Orders could go into January for delivery 1st or 2nd week if we are out of stock of item(s)

Block end finials (hip end) feed

We offer a range of block ends based on half round ridge tiles, angled ridge tiles, block ends that feature multiple sides and a range of tall block ends to suit large buildings

A block end, stop end or cap end roof finial is a decorative roof finial that is normally fitted on the roof to provide a decorative finish at the end of a row of ridge tiles or where multiple roof sides meet. A typical block end has 3 or more closed sides and when installed it doubles as a functional piece that can also help to keep birds and other animals out of the roof space

Last Updated: Saturday, 14 December 2019 10:23