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Block end ridge scroll finial

£165.00 (Including UK Mainland Delivery)

This is a terracotta reproduction scrolled spike fleur finial. The piece is perfect for hip end roofs or can be used as a finishing piece
Ridge Angle: 45° L: 10.5" W: 11" H: 25"

Block end spike ball finial

£150.00 (Including UK Mainland Delivery)

The block end spike ball finial is a nice decorative roof finial ideally suited to being installed at the end of a row of ridges where the roof
Ridge Angle: 45° L: 10.5" W: 11" H: 23"

Block end spike finial

£150.00 (Including UK Mainland Delivery)

A spike block end roof finial is a great way to decorate and finish off a hip end roof. The ridge angle at the back of the piece is 45 degrees
Ridge Angle: 45° L: 10.5" W: 11" H: 19"

Swan neck blockend roof finial

£150.00 (Including UK Mainland Delivery)

Swan neck block end roof finial from the block end finial range. It is a lovely reproduction swan neck roof finial that looks great on the roof
Ridge Base: L: 9.25" W: 12" H: 19.5"

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